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Aguilar: Of red and yellow

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Aguilar: Of red and yellow

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

RED often connotes a communist or revolutionary activist. Even then, however, in the red does not allude to a member of the CCP or NPA. In the red means to operate at a loss. Likewise, to see red does not connote to see a revolutionary activist. To see red as an idiomatic expression means to be or become furious.

China has a red government and perpetuates a red propaganda in claiming ownership of the South China Sea. Red carpet is a rug being rolled out for VIPs. Red cap is a porter usually in a railroad station. It is also a head-covering of the Pope when he is performing religious functions.

Red cape is a piece of cloth that a Matador waves in a bull fight. Mind you however, the bull doesn’t move to attack because of the colored cloth; rather it attacks because of the waving motion regardless of color. Red bull is a strong beer that could kick you toward the wall after drinking it. And, there is something red in a woman when “The ground is wet.”

Yellow has four associations, namely: cowardice, old age, jealousy, and sensationalism. We say of a coward that “He is yellow,” despite the fact that his outside appearance is that of a bull. They call him yellow, for out of cowardice, he would not even confront his wife about her extra marital affairs.

When autumn leaves are ripened of age and withered, they turn to yellow and start to fall. In our country, we miss the falling leaves, but the poorest among the poor miss of all their three square meals a day. They call him yellow not because he was afraid to walk alone in the dark, but because he was sick with “hepatitis.”

We say of a losing candidate of the Yellow bannered Liberal Party as “yellow with envy or green with envy,” after the yellow bells chimed for the PDU30 – the winner. They call it Yellow Journalism that exploits, distorts, or exaggerates the news to create sensations and attracts readers. Sensationalism is the one thing SunStar Pampanga never practiced to become number one in readership.

Published in the SunStar Pampanga newspaper on May 24, 2017.

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