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De Leon: Awesome ways millennials are changing the face of travel

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De Leon: Awesome ways millennials are changing the face of travel

Monday, May 22, 2017

IN TODAY’S digital age, going on trips is not perceived as a luxury but also a necessity. With images of places and exciting adventures flooding the social media feeds, it's not surprising that traveling has become one of the key priorities of this generation.

Here are top three reasons why:

1. Cultural experiences over partying, getting wasted and shopping

Ironic to the misconception of being misbehaved and having no sense of cultural appreciation, more and more millennials are choosing to spend more money on experiences than material items.

Contrary to our image of being obsessed with overrated coffee shops and the convenience of an overcrowded touristy places and major attractions, lots of young people are going out their comfort zones to experience that sought after authentic meal and that exotic nature destination to learn something new because we believe that as we explore new places and new people, we get to know ourselves even more.

2. Beyond "bleisures"

For other people, business travel or "bleisures" is an added benefit of a job, and it still is. But today, we’re seeing young people who take initiatives on their own rather than to waiting and relying when and where their companies would send them. The key? Web is the first place to be.

3. Group travel is trending

Going solo or "backpacking" doesn’t have to mean going alone. In fact, solo and budget travel is becoming increasingly enticing, safe and easy when organised with a group tour operator. Being a "#joiner" gives young people the freedom to explore alone while also enjoying the benefit of having a safety net of a larger group. (Check out pages like DIY travel Philippines, byaheng budgetarian on Facebook and you'll be amazed on how fun low-cost touristy trips are)

So to my friends who are still stuck in your office cubicles, travel while you’re young and you’re physically fit, and maybe while you have lesser financial obligations, though it does not have to be expensive all the time.

More so, if you're one of the people who grinds and works yourself off every single day, you deserve a reward and an awesome break from work. Rest if you need to rest. Slow down if you need to slowdown.
Always remember, your careers can always bounce back but you only have one life to take care of.

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Published in the SunStar Pampanga newspaper on May 23, 2017.

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