Dumaguete City resident warned vs extortion, 'budol-budol'

Public warned vs extortion, 'budol-budol'

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Public warned vs extortion, 'budol-budol'

Friday, April 28, 2017

THE Philippine National Police-Negros Oriental acting director cautioned the public anew against hoax calls and text messages from anonymous callers demanding money from unsuspecting victims.

Senior Superintendent Henry Biñas said the people must be wary of such calls or text messages, as these are perpetrated by personalities difficult to locate considering their anonymity.

Recently, some residents in Dumaguete City reported receiving communication from persons who demanded or asked for money to be transferred through courier service.

One complainant said she received a call and afterwards text messages from somebody posing as a spokesperson of the Communist Party of the Philippines/New People’s Army, asking for immediate transfer of money as three "comrades" were sick and needed medical attention.

Police and military later traced the caller's location in Davao.

Another resident who requested anonymity said she received a call and then text messages from a mobile number, also asking for money.

The resident said there was a hint of threat that something would happen to her or her family if she will not comply, but she did not send the money.

Biñas advised the public to immediately report such incidents to the nearest police station and not provide any personal information to the caller or text-sender.

The Dumaguete City police also warned the people against “budol-budol” gangs operating in the city.

A police report said a 68-year-old retired woman was divested of gold jewelry worth P100,000 and cash amounting to P42,000 at a hardware store in Dumaguete around 1 p.m. Thursday.

Initial investigation showed that the “budol-budol” or scam involved three female and a male suspects who asked the woman where they could buy large volume of hardware items.

The victim apparently went with the suspects to a hardware store in the city and upon arrival, a woman posing as a store worker said they do not accept huge amount of money as payment.

One of the suspects handed the victim a pouch for safekeeping while inside the car, saying it contained money.

The suspects then took the victim’s jewelry and cash as collateral and later dropped her off a restaurant along the boulevard.

When the woman was about to pay the bill for the hardware, she discovered that the pouch contained bundles of paper, said police. (PNA)

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