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Tell it to SunStar: Biblical inconsistencies

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Tell it to SunStar: Biblical inconsistencies

Thursday, May 04, 2017

THIS is about conflicting truths in the Bible about the crucifixion.

In the books of Matthew and Mark, the Bible said: “The two bandits crucified with Jesus, mocked and insulted him.” But in the book of Luke, only one bandit mocked and insulted Jesus.

The Bible is the truth. And here are two conflicting truths. Two books said there were two. One book said there was only one. One writer must not have told us the truth.

I mentioned this several times to pastors and priests I happened to have meaningful conversations with. They become silent and indifferent. I surmised they were just disappointed or worried or afraid to know the Bible has errors.

Actually, by using the logic of a ten-year-old boy, you can reconcile the seeming Biblical inconsistencies. You have to use your imagination.

No writer has the intent to write falsely. The writers of Matthew and Mark were observing from a distance. They saw the actions of the bandits but did not hear what was said. So they reported, “the bandits mocked and reviled Jesus.” Theirs was a wrong conclusion but an honest report.

The writer of Luke, meanwhile, was very near the three people crucified. He heard the exchange of words . It was therefore a matter of point of view. Nobody lied.--Chito E. Germino of Paknaan, Mandaue City

Finding peace

Sometimes we are blinded with the notion that the only thing that matters most are our principles, that everything that makes sense go with what we believe in. Sometimes these cross lines and we step on other people’s toes. Sometimes we become instruments of racial discrimination.

“My Name is Khan” is an Indian movie about a Muslim marrying a Hindu in the United Sates. It is an emotional movie of how differences in culture, race and religion affect the ways we live and perceive our lives. It emphasizes that there is more to a person’s name; there is humanity in it.

Often, we overlook the essence of this humanity. We forget that, although the colors of our skin or the prayers we say differ in a lot of ways, the facts that our skin exist as an integumentary organ to protect our body and that the prayers we say is offered to an entity we have faith of show how common the purpose the things we do and have are.

Humanity is finding peace in differences, of making sense in things we do not understand. Humanity is marrying black and white, Islam and Hinduism, Asian and American. Humanity is knowing the world inside of us by understanding the world outside.--Eugene Dadol of Nasipit, Talamban

Published in the SunStar Cebu newspaper on May 05, 2017.

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