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Espinoza: Deadly toys

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Espinoza: Deadly toys

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

HAD Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmeña spoken in English, Sta. Fe Mayor Jose “Titing” Esgana would not have misunderstood him when he said, “Bantay bantay lang ka ha,” inside a posh hotel in Cebu City.

What Mayor Tom said to Mayor Esgana cannot be categorized as threat. To an unconcerned party, Mayor Tom’s statement was even a show of concern for Mayor Esgana. But Esgana being in Mayor Tom’s turf took his statement as an intimidation.

Mayor Tom was with businessman Alex Tan, who operates a ferry service between Hagnaya, San Remigio and Sta. Fe. It was Tan who recognized Esgana.

Mayor Tom is known to be arrogant to people he dislikes and tough to his political opponents, but he’s not a violent person.

Maybe Mayor Esgana was scared more of Alex Tan, who is tall and big. Tan allegedly asked Esgana, “Unsay imong gusto?” (What do you like?), which should be interpreted as him was asking the town mayor what he likes to drink or eat. Lol!

On the other hand, Mayor Esgana took the situation as an opportunity to be in the limelight again. Esgana had a conflict with his town’s parish priest, who vehemently opposed the holding of a musical event during the Holy Week. Mayor Esgana had issued a permit for the event.

The encounter between the two elected officials may be unfortunate and the media had it covered. There is no basis, though, for the police to investigate it. After all, the use of tough and harsh words is common among politicians.


President Duterte’s unsolicited advice to President Trump to slow down against North Korea doesn’t mean he supports North Korea’s war freak leader Kim Jong-un. President Dutertre’s main concern is us and our country, which is not equipped for modern-day warfare.

If war erupts between the US and North Korea, we could be in the crossfire. We are closer to North Korea than to America and US bases here could be target of North Korea’s missiles.

President Duterte, after the Asean Summit, urged the US to show restraint after North Korea’s latest missile tests. He described Kim Jong-un as one who wants to end the world and drag everyone down.

President Duterte said, “There seems to be two countries (US and North Korea) playing with their toys and those toys are not really to entertain.”

Published in the SunStar Cebu newspaper on May 04, 2017.

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