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Espina: Keeping in touch

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Espina: Keeping in touch

Monday, May 22, 2017

At the Miss Mandaue event: Mandaue City Mayor Luigi Quisumbing, Rep. Jonas Cortes and director Junjet Primor.

FILIPINOS get together during several events. In Cebu, festivals and beauty pageants are gloriously celebrated and delineate the wealth of our diverse culture. Keeping in touch during fiestas, family celebrations, school events and alumni homecomings, makes good reasons to enrich our arts and culture through creative and colorful stage shows, state-of the-art musicales, foodfests, fashion shows, even fun-runs and wellness projects.

December, January, February and May are favorite months to celebrate! And Cebu is famous for its fabulous shows.

Summer Events: “Serata Di Gala” for the launch of Mezzo Hotel at Milan Ballroom; A special treat for “Mom and Me,” an afternoon tea party at Cebu City Marriott Hotel featuring Pauli Antonie, image and etiquette archon; the unveiling of Foressa, a trailblazing development, a nature community in the mountains of Balamban, Cebu—this is a project of Aboitizland; the 40th founding anniversary of CSJ-R/USJ-R Dramatics Guild Alumni Association at Cebu Port Authority, North Reclamation Area.

SP COMMUNICATION KIT: Tenses are our major problems in constructing sentences. Simple tenses are easy. Present tenses refer to present and habitual actions; truths and state of being. Thus, we say, “I teach English. I teach college every day. English is our medium of communication. She is smart and pretty. I like attentive students. The square has four sides. My father is diligent.”

We have to be careful in doing the subject-predicate agreement. Example: I like to travel. We like to travel. You like to travel. We like to travel. Note, add “s” to the regular verb in the third person singular: “She likes to travel. Does she like to travel,” not “does she likes to travel?” The following are accented on the second syllable when used as verb constructs: contést, contráct, presént, prodúce, desért, dessért, permít, recórd, condúct etc. (Taken from A Handbook in Speech and Effective Communication by Dr. Milagros C. Espina.)

Published in the SunStar Cebu newspaper on May 23, 2017.

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