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Palmes-Dennis: Some traffic improvements in Oro

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Palmes-Dennis: Some traffic improvements in Oro

JUST as I had promised, this piece is about my observations on the state of traffic in Cagayan de Oro City which I visited recently and there are some improvements though there are the hiccups like the traysikad drivers that try to beat the red lights without concern to the safety of others.

I'm not sure if these are isolated incidents. I remembered having to commend the Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) enforcer who helped us when I asked if we can park in a certain area. I forgot the name of the street but I didn't forget to recommend that the streets should have posts bearing bold, clear lettering for easy detection by commuter, motorist and pedestrian alike.

Anyway I told the traffic enforcer that I would be leaving my husband Ronnie in the car and run towards the beauty parlor named “Kisses” where my dear friend Carla Salcedo Salvana was working.

The RTA enforcer not only explained that Ron was on the right place but told us to back up a little so we can be within the white parking lines. The aide gave me five minutes anyway so I ran fast and returned to the car since Carla was not around and just left a message to Joy Caretas that I would be back.

I would also like to commend the lady RTA enforcer that apprehended Ronnie at Divisoria across the McDonalds outlet. We made a turn when it should be one way, said this cute lady traffic enforcer with short hair.

I pleaded for understanding from the lady traffic enforcer who was later joined by other traffic enforcers who lectured Ronnie and me on traffic rules then let us go. It was a first offense case apparently. That was the second time that I went to that area really to look for Carla for my hair touch-up but I was unable to do so.

The “One Way” sign was too small for comfort and it should be visible to the driver whose eyesight isn't 20-20. Still I applaud the efforts of traffic enforcers and their patience in dealing with errant violators. Let's see more of them.


I was sad on reading the Facebook post of lawyer Jong Dumlao about the sudden death of his classmate Judge Jing Pielago. It was months ago when I chatted with Jing online to catch up on developments in Cagayan de Oro.

In fact I promised to write about his achievements as he was a judge already. The late judge was my classmate at the College of Law at Xavier University and we belong to the group Tandu Legis.

Ask Atty. Noel Vedad or Ike Naduma why he is known as “Tandu.” Thanks also to Jong Dumlao who made the post. Jong is a classmate but he was my “binata” as I was their wedding sponsor in a civil wedding back then at the Tagoloan-Villanueva circuit court.

I knew Jong is close to Jing as their fathers were classmates at the University of the Philippines-College of Law.

Published in the SunStar Cagayan de Oro newspaper on April 29, 2017.

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