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Non-invasive lipo at Bellavish Beauty Hub

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Non-invasive lipo at Bellavish Beauty Hub

Thursday, May 04, 2017

MY FRIEND Cherry Castrodes is a former Ms. Cagayan De Oro and representative to the Bb. Pilipinas. Thus, it doesn't surprise me that this Beauty Queen has made beauty into her business. I was super excited when she invited me to her newly opened beauty center, The Bellavish Beauty Hub, because she is a pretty poster girl who walks the talk!

I admire Che because she balances their family businesses along with motherhood really well. Most of all, she makes time for herself. She has maintained her youthful elegance through the years. The hashtags #fitspiration and #hotmom best describe her.

She opened the center with her college friend, Dang Loseñara. Dang is also a mom-preneur juggling four kids and several businesses. These two friends believe it is important for women to take the time out of their busy schedules to pamper themselves. Look good, feel good! The better we feel about ourselves, the better we can serve our families.

Bellavish has an extensive list of affordable spa services like massages, facials, peels, mani/pedis, threading, and waxing. They also go above and beyond with lipo-cavitation, radio frequency (RF), plus glutathione, collagen, and vitamin drips and/or injectibles. The latter is given under the supervision of a trained nurse. Men, women, and children 12-above are welcome.

Aging gracefully is one of the topics us moms frequently discuss. Cherry knows I always lament how some of my body parts sag and no longer defy gravity. Huhu. I've complained to her that my metabolism has slowed down, and I've had the hardest time getting back into shape after giving birth to my “surprise bonus baby.” And darn it, he is already four. Not months, but years old!

Cherry suggested for me to try the lipo-cavi and RF, which are procedures that go well together, for both my tummy and arms. I was initially apprehensive because upon hearing the word lipo, I had visions of large needles in liposuction. But she assured me that: "Lipo-cavi and RF are very safe since they're non-invasive, non-surgical. No incisions at all!"

She added: "Lipo-cavi quickly breaks down the stubborn fats. RF further melts these fats, which allow them to be easily absorbed by the lymphatic system and excreted by the body. But, of course, the effects would be faster with diet and regular exercise. We have trained therapists who perform these procedures."

Truthfully, I was a bit nervous when I got to the hub. I was with my teenage daughter, who opted for the facial and foot spa. They use organic products, which are safe for her young sensitive skin. My apprehensions increased when we were told to go to separate areas. When I got to my assigned room, the staff then asked me to take off my clothes, providing me with shorts and a slip-cover to ensure mine won’t get wet during the procedure. Clients can also opt to bring their own, of course.

They started with lipo-cavi, putting lots of gel on my tummy. They offer this service for the whole body too. During treatment they put a probe, which looked like a space-age glowing red shower-head, and rubbed it on areas receiving the fat-blasting. The device emits supersonic signals, which felt like a nagging scratching feeling just beneath my skin.

Marian, the very friendly technician, put me at ease with her friendly and warm demeanor. She also warned me that I would hear loud piercing sounds, which I may find bothersome. Apparently, that's the sign that fats were indeed breaking down. Noteworthy, only the client receiving treatment can hear the sounds, and I found that rather amazing.

After 30 minutes, we started with RF. This one looked like a blow dryer with the same glowing red light. It doesn't blast hot air, but was used as some sort of buffer to polish the area under treatment. That time, a very pleasant smelling cream was used to let the probe easily glide over my skin. Marian said some people can't tolerate the heat it emits in the max setting, but it felt okay for me. The RF also took half an hour.

She repeated the same procedures on both my arms. Over all, I spent a little more than two hours there, and I think it was time well-spent. It was relaxing for me to have alone time in Bellavish. Marian was very easy to talk to and I really enjoyed my time with her. I was able to take a quick power nap too.

After the treatment, I did feel lighter in my tummy and arm area. It seemed there was less bloating, and the skin felt tighter. The slight tingling sensation continued, and I could only hope those are indeed the fats melting. Of course, results will not be instantly visible. Hey, Rome was not built in a day! But I am definitely inclined to return to Cherry and Dang's Bellavish to see how things would progress with further treatment.

Bellavish Beauty Hub is located at the 2nd floor of the Sia Building, Captain Vicente Roa St. Please check their Facebook page with the same name to see the extensive list and prices of their services. You may also call 088-323-3989 or 0917-549-0333 for inquiries. Pamper the one and only beautiful you!

Published in the SunStar Cagayan de Oro newspaper on May 04, 2017.

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