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Lordan Suan: His fun side

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Lordan Suan: His fun side

Saturday, May 20, 2017

CAGAYAN DE ORO. Attorney Lordan Suan in his private room with some of his books and graphic novels.

CAGAYAN de Oro city’s youngest councilor, lawyer Lordan Suan, has since been one of the biggest names in the city since he won under the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) party list in the May 2016 elections. At 33, Suan is actively participating in the local politics as the current chairman of the Blue Ribbon committee.

During sessions, Suan is mostly seen by his people and the media as the timid type. Most people in the session hall would especially note his behavior of staying in his seat, a contrast to his fellow councilors who are busy socializing with everyone. This is why most people view Suan as a bit far from the masses as he always choose to detach himself from the general crowd.

“I am actually a bit flattered of that comment. I really choose to just stay in my seat and just do my job,” he said.

One would only grow admiration for Suan's work ethics. While his busy schedule takes up his time, he never gets hooked up. He sets a specific time frame for everything he does, whether it's a meeting, a time at the gym or going out with family and friends.

Most of Suan's time is spent on reading. He collects books to learn more about politics and governance. He also reads for self-improvement. He also takes inspiration from a few political icons as he constantly challenge himself to be a better city councilor.

There’s a side of Suan that is actually unknown to many. While he appears all formal in the legislative sessions, Suan is actually a big fan of graphic novels of the Marvel and DC universe.

Up in his home in Macanhan village, Suan has his very own hub which he views as his ultimate escape from the stress and demands of his job as a city legislator. When he is not seen at the city hall, or in his family’s business establishment, Suan can only be found in his own private place.

This is his spacious tower-like room located just a few meters away from his house. Inside, one would discover the councilor’s age-old collection of graphic novels.

“Dili man jud ko hilig ug comics katong una. Kini sila, nidaghan na lang jud ni sa sige nakog palit kay everytime na naa kos lain nga lugar, maka palit man jud ko sa mga bookstore. Para naa koy lingaw ba sa airport kibale. Mao nang nakaabot na jud ug ing ani kadaghan. (I was not really a fan of comics before. These only became this many because I always buy whenever I’m away from in different places; I always make a stop at bookstores to buy these just so I have something to do in airports. That is why they became this many),” he said.

When the demands of his job wear him down he would take an hour or two to follow the stories in his collection. Some of these include collections on The Amazing Spiderman, X-men, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Thor, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and much more.

Some of his collections were bought many years back when he was younger. However, Suan paused for a while in buying and reading comics when he started going to college up until he finished law school. It was recently that Suan revived his love for graphic novels and once again started to buy and read them.

Now, he has about a thousand of them carefully staked inside his personal library, ready to be read and shared anytime.

“Whenever my job is wearing me down or I just need a break, one of the choices for leisure that I have is to lie down for about an hour and read my comics,” he said.

One of his favorites among his collection would be the 2013 "Infinity" comic book crossover story line of the Avengers. All comic books in his collection are carefully stacked in his drawers which are labeled by comic book series.

"Daghan pa jud diri wala pa nako nabasa ug ang uban giulit na nako ug kadaghan. Pero collection na jud nako ni ug if naa koy anak in the future, basig magamit ra gihapon niya. (Many of these I haven't even read and others I have repeated. But this is my collection and someday if I get to have a child in the future, he might use this for himself)," he said.

Published in the SunStar Cagayan de Oro newspaper on May 21, 2017.

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