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Gacad: Sweep

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Gacad: Sweep

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

IN SPORTS, sweep is a running play in American football. It is the name used for two categories of martial arts techniques. It is a shot played in cricket and a nickname for football player Shaun Wright-Phillip. It also refers to winning a series or contest without any losses, including winning 3-0 in Major League Baseball Division Series, winning 4-0 in the Major League Baseball World Series, winning 4-0 in the basketball NBA (National Basketball Association) finals or winning 4-0 in the ice hockey Stanley Cup finals.

A spoiled child, spoiled brat, or simply a brat is a derogatory term aimed at children, who exhibit behavioral problems from being overindulged by their parents.

Children and teens, who are perceived as spoiled may be described as "overindulged," "grandiose," "narcissistic" or "egocentric-regressed."

Perception is an important term, because when the child has a neurological condition such as autism or intellectual disability, observers may judge them as "spoiled" without an understanding of the whole picture. There is no accepted scientific definition of what "spoiled" means, and professionals are often unwilling to use the label because it is considered vague and derogatory.

In the Western Conference of the NBA, the Golden State Warriors once again get crowned as the Conference Champs with a sweep of all their playoff games: 4-0 against the Trailblazers, 4-0 against the Jazz and most recently 4-0 against the Spurs. That's what I call total domination and a "witchy" move.

On the other side of the fence are the Cavs, who have likewise bulldozed through the first two rounds of their playoff games: 4-0 against the Pacers and 4-0 against the Raptors.

Call it pay back if you like but, in the 3rd game of the Eastern Conference Championship on the road and after losing their first 2 games at home, the resilient Celtics have stolen one game from the defending champs via an Avery Bradley lucky bounce trey with 0.1 seconds left on the game clock.

Lucky or not, Boston came away with the win while the Cavs were dealt their first playoff loss after going for thirteen won games straight since last season.

Now the Cavs are back on earth while the mighty Warriors are still floating on cloud 9 waiting for the Cavs (well, who else? I'll bet a liter of Macallan single malt on this!) For the third chapter of their trilogy pegged at 1-1.

During the CA confirmation hearing on the brat, the score was also 3-0. After making sweeping negative statements and generalizations about a very important sector of the economy, she gets rejected via secret balloting that wasn't really secret after all. Now we await the new sweeps against this very industry that the rejected will surely make. I'm almost certain that the brat will throw her weight around again because she didn't get what she wanted.

Up next, the finals. The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers for the bragging rights of who is the genuine ultimate warrior.

Will there be another sweep? I absolutely don't believe so!

And the brat? Who cares . . .

"Win as if you were used to it, lose as if you enjoyed it for a change."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Published in the SunStar Baguio newspaper on May 24, 2017.

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