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The perfect melancholic

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The perfect melancholic

Friday, May 05, 2017

ONE’S personality is the sum total of the physical, emotional, mental and social characteristics of an individual. The way we react to a situation is our behavior.

Many popular psychologists have explained personalities. In fact, there are several theories of personalities.

One is close to my heart, one that was conceptualized during the ancient types. Greek physician Hippocrates conceptualized this proto-psychological theory about the four temperaments.

It was said that the bodily fluids in our bodies or the “humors” can determine these temperaments. There are humors more dominant than the other. This dominant humor can help medicine men find the treatment for their illnesses.

Here are the four temperaments and their predominant humors:

• Sanguine – blood
• Phlegmatic – phlegm
• Choleric – yellow bile
• Melancholic – black bile

Although it is said that one humor is more dominant than the other, it is possible that we can be a combination of more than two temperaments. It can also depend upon your role. One temperament is best. All are good.

Today, it has mixed reviews. Many people believe that the characteristics are still true today but there are a few who says no. Some of the descriptions are similar to other personality theories with another.

One needs to answer the personality profile to identify their own temperaments. Many recognize themselves in these temperaments including me.

The four temperaments are

• Powerful Choleric
• Popular Sanguine
• Perfect Melancholic
• Peaceful Phlegmatic

So far, I have shared about the powerful choleric and the popular sanguine. This week, let me share about the Perfect Melancholic.

The perfect melancholic is the thinker, an introvert and a pessimist. The perfect melancholic is analytical, wise and quiet. They are detailed and are energized by thinking. They can be artistic and may be at times, moody.

Here are some of their emotions and other traits:


- Deep and thoughtful
- Analytical
- Serious and purposeful
- Genius prone
- Talented and creative
- Artistic or musical
- Philosophical and poetic
- Appreciative of beauty
- Sensitive to others
- Self-sacrificing
- Conscientious
- Idealistic

At work

- Schedule oriented
- Perfectionist, high standards
- Detail conscious
- Persistent and thorough
- Orderly and organized
- Neat and tidy
- Economical
- Sees the problems
- Finds creative solutions
- Needs to finish what is started
- Likes charts, graphs, figures, list

As a friend

- Makes friends cautiously
- Content to stay in the background
- Avoids causing attention
- Faithful and devoted
- Will listen to complains
- Can solve others’ problems
- Deep concern for other people
- Moved to tears with compassion
- Seeks ideal mate

Are you the perfect melancholic? Or maybe the powerful choleric or the popular sanguine? The last temperament, peaceful phlegmatic will be discussed next week. Stay tuned!

Published in the SunStar Bacolod newspaper on May 05, 2017.

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